Live Life to the Fullest

Michelle - North Haven, Connecticut
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you have one life to live. Everyone is granted one life, one shot to prove themselves in the society we live in today. One should always keep his head high when they get thrown an obstacle in life. You have your name and dignity; this is the one thing that makes you stand out from other individuals. When this is tampered with it gives people the sometimes wrong, insightful appearance of you. This causes one to be judged of looked down upon.

I believe in living life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it. Life throws everyone curve balls that not one of us are ready for. It hits us by surprise ripping the ground right out from under our feet. No one is able to see it coming or prevent the unthinkable. The still remember the last words from my father, they have stuck with me, still to this day, “Don’t live with regrets. Have fun and protect the one thing in life, your name.” We must learn to be strong and live with the course that is mapped out for us. Accepting it is very difficult, yet it is the one thing that will help an individual get through it.

I believe that God will only give an individual as much as he/she can handle allowing he/she to grow and learn from the experience. There are always individuals that have it better then you, yet others that have it worse. This is what makes up the communities we live in today. The one life we are given should be the best, growing experience of our lives and when we are faced with a challenged thinking positively is the one thing that gets one through the worst experiences imaginable.

Everyone fears death, it is a scary word that many individuals tip toe around. My father always taught me to be strong, yet without him here how was I to live my life to the fullest. As a child growing up I thought I was invisible having the “ideal” family, nothing bad could happen. Horrible things only happened in the movies or television shows. Until one day I overheard my parents talking in the backyard about this unfamiliar word called cancer. Being only 12 years old I knew it was not good by the way they frantically mumbled their words together. As far as I knew my best friend, my father, was taken away from me that day. Since he was diagnosed everything fell downhill. I was never in and out of hospitals so much, nor had so many sleepless nights. I never believed I would be a part of such a nightmare. My sisters and I thought that things could not get worse until around my 15 birthday, my mother sat us all down to bring up that not so unfamiliar word again. She was now diagnosed also with the monster, cancer. Why was this happening? I thought. My mother was told she had 6 months to live; she never once brought that up to us during her time in the hospital. She kept this very secretive never letting my sisters and I know exactly how serious her cancer was. She didn’t believe it, she was going to fight and beat it. After 2 months my mother was out of the hospital cancer-free. People say it was a miracle, the doctors could not explain how she bounced back so quickly. She still goes to doctors’ appointments to make sure the cancer cells are not coming back, which they are not.

After three years of tears and watching the one man I loved in a severe degree of pain. All of it was over; God took him away from us to what I believe a happier place. I was 16 years old, grown up more than ever. His death made me realize that when life takes a turn for the worse, one must believe that they lived their life to the fullest. To this day I still think of him and how my parents are the reason why I have become the individual I am today. As rough as the times were, they made me stronger. I had to keep my head up high, and never give up always looking for the brighter side of the picture. I am living my life with no regrets, taking what my father spoke so strongly of before his death into account.

I had to believe everything would get better because I knew my life would be changed forever.