This I Believe

Dmitriy - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality

This I Believe

Should a marriage be legally understood as a union between a male and a female only?

My answer is simple: “NO” This I believe! You might ask me: “Why?” Why not? Government should be free from religion and if so, than how come should marriage be limited for opposite couples only? Government is established to serve people, and if we take gay couples as minorities, shouldn’t government protect their rights?

Being married gives a lot of benefits and gay couples should be able to use those benefits. Some individuals would argue that marriage comes with benefits, because it is necessary to protect families as fundamentals of society or because families are the ones who give birth and raise our future generation. There thousands of kids out there in States and outside of States that are lacking parental love, control, encouragement… Gay people are normal people! They should be able to marry and to adopt!

My best friend is gay, he lives in Seattle. He has been raised as an awesome and wonderful person, he also served as my assistant of a democracy project, which I have managed for the embassy abroad, during that time I got to know him very well, and if I had a kid as a single parent and had to die soon, he would be the first person I would ask to adopt my kid! I know he would be a loving and caring parent. I also know that he would teach my kid how to look for good in people instead of judging them, how to understand and appreciate others cultures, and I also know that he would provide my kid with best college education one can get. But yeah, surely not every homosexual person is like that, just like not every traditionally oriented person is perfect, but that is why we need those comities that determine whether or not one should qualify for adopting a child.

I think it is so important to understand that prohibition of same sex marriage is simply restricting someone’s rights to be happy and to adopt kids! And even though democracy is based on majority’s opinion there is such thing as paradox of democracy. Paradox of democracy is a set of rights which cannot be taken away from anyone even by the rule of majority. And I believe that gay marriage should be included in that set of rights.

If you still don’t agree, let me show how gay people feel about laws restricting gay rights. Let’s assume that you are straight. Now imagine that 90% of other people are gay! So it is normal to be gay and it is weird to be straight. Would you become gay? Now imagine you love somebody, but you can’t get married because only gay people can get married! How does it feel? And you love kids sooo much, but you have to be gay to be able to adopt one (incase if you can’t have your own)

Decide………. But think about others’ lives!