This I Believe

Richard - White Hall, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

My family is the strongest I know. I have both parents at home, and that in itself is an achievement these days. My family has saved me from too many dumb mistakes. Like the first time I went to the juvenile detention center. My brother got me out on the same day. I think what makes my family so unique are the individual parts. Like my kind hearted mom; the woman that thinks she can save the world. She has taken care of over thirty foster children while managing her own six children. All of which still come by and still call her mama.

Most of the time I think it was because they never had a “real” mother. Then there’s my dad, “the strong silent type” I guess would be an appropriate description. If people actually got to know the real him they would see that he’s just a big kid. I remember the first time I saw my dad hit another person. It was like abuse; my dad is 6”4 and 300 pounds. With that being said he made short work of this guy harassing my sisters

Then there’s my older brother Melvin. “A lost cause” is what the judge called him at sixteen when he stood Accused of breaking and entering. The first time he went to prison he was twenty, and now he’s thirty, he defied the statistics and went to community college. Now he owns his own landscaping company. The first time he caught me shooting dice on the corner right outside my school he made sure I wouldn’t ever do it again. At the time I didn’t understand and I thought he was just being mean for no reason. It wasn’t until later that I realized he kept me from being at the wrong place at the right time. That same corner was riddled with bullets that night, and that’s when it hit me. Even now when I told him that my books were five hundred dollars he deposited the money in my account the next day without even a second question, and told me to “keep yo nose in them damn books!”

My family has its faults, but whose doesn’t? We’ll always be there for each other no matter what. At the end of the day isn’t that what its all about; being down for each other without logical reason, without thought; just knowing that the person you love is in trouble and needs your help. That’s the reason I don’t think people know what REAL love is anymore, because not many would die for the people they love. I can honestly say that without a doubt I would lay down my life, and whatever else, if it was for the few that I really do love.