This I Believe

Chris - Batesville, Arkansas
Entered on September 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

“Music and the world”

Everyone listens to music. Everyone. Whether it is classical, screamo, country, jazz or whatever, everyone listens to music. Music provides so many different things for people. For me, music is a way to express myself and share my talents from God with other people. For some, music is inspiration to install amps, tweeters, and subwoofers in their cars. To others, it is a comfort in a time where something go’s wrong and all you want to do is be alone and listen to your favorite song. Music can change your mood. Music is always there for you.

I was in band in high school so I guess I was never “cool”. However, even though I was doing something that most people in school weren’t doing I felt like I was important to a crowd much bigger than the high school crowd. Music is a worldwide language. My girlfriend recently went to South Africa on a mission trip this past summer. As soon as she landed in Africa, and entered the airport, she heard a popular American song. I am into Jazz and world type music. So many times I will hear a recording or see a video of a few musicians that don’t even speak the same languages. However, they play music together and by the end of it have a great bond without any verbal communication.

Music can be listened to by anybody. Music is a free will. When you listen to music, it is your choice whether you like it or not. Some music, “the cool kind”, is forced upon us through TV and the radio. Even then, however, it is still a choice whether you like it or not. We live in a free nation with much more freedom than most places in the world, this separates us from other countries. Therefore I believe that at times music is the only thing that the world can agree on. Not types of music or a specific artist, but the love of music. Music can do amazing things that people cannot control. If used in a positive way, music can change lives.

I believe music is the most popular thing in the world.