This I Believe

ryan - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on September 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: place

Texas the Natural State

I believe that Texas is better than Arkansas. Arkansas the natural state… what a joke. Remember one thing everything is bigger, better and sexier in Texas.

I believe I have some authority on this subject since I’ve lived in both Arkansas and Texas. My experience has taught me that deep down no matter where I go to school I am a Texan

Texas the home of: Fara Faucet, Don Henley, Nolan Ryan, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Dell, HP, Taco Bell, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Astros, and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders… What does Arkansas have? Sam Walton… not any more he’s dead and 3 of his kids moved to… Texas. “But Ryan” you might say Arkansas is full of natural parks and reserves. Ok Texas has a national park half the size of Arkansas. Then you might scream “but our high school football teams are great (our state champs Arkansas high are great so we have foot ball). Well I respond that their one loss last year…to Texas high. Also, last time UT met U of A in a football game who won… Texas!!! I mean the only thing Arkansas might have is Bill Clinton but us Texans don’t clam that monkey in the white house or his father they were born in Massachusetts. Does Arkansas have King of the Hill only on tv. Was Arkansas its own country? No. Is Arkansas larger than France? No. Does Arkansas have NASA? No Does Arkansas have good Mexican food Hell? No.

So in conclusion I don’t believe Texas is better than Arkansas because I’m from Texas and love it with every part of me but because the facts say Texas is better than Arkansas! Also, because we have Walker Texas Ranger.