This I Believe

Nelly - Naperville, Illinois
Entered on September 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Why can’t you just be normal?” You’ve probably heard this before, from fellow students or even friends. What have you done? I believe that you should never try to change to be like others, and be only yourself. I learn to take nothing from peoples’ words and to know that being different is okay, that’s what makes you who you are. This I Believe.

It was in about 7th grade when I turned from my real friends to hang out with the popular clique, and dress like them and act like them. I started to treat people differently even to my real friends, which really shocked them, because before I didn’t care if I was popular or not and not try at all. This went against my belief, and by only one persons’ opinion and thought I took so much from it. Even I knew that wasn’t me, and I knew I had much more fun with my old friends. I thought that people liked me more like this, and would get respected more by people. It was soon till I realized people liked me less, and feared me more My old friends pointed me back, and then I knew 100% this was me, and I should accept it and love it, which I do. This really showed me that friends can really inspire you in big ways, and help you out, and if they like you for what you wear and what not, they are not your friends. This I Believe.

A lot of people inspired me in this, not only my friends but also people in history. One example I can think of is Rosa Parks, who stood up what she believed in, and knew she was an equal while everyone else thought she was different and not as good as them. I admire her for what she did, and I think that she was really brave for doing what she did. Another example is from a book you are probably heard of is “Stargirl,” where the main character is definitely not afraid to express what she is feeling and not afraid to be herself. She continues to be herself even after she knows that everyone thought she was crazy and weird, and knew that it was only important of what she thought of herself. You have to be a very strong person to do this especially in 8th grade and high school. Another example from another book is “Flipped” which is very interesting because although Bryce thought she was weird and tried to avoid her, she continued to act how she did and still liked him. I think she is strong also, and although I like her for being brave, I know I wouldn’t continue to go crazy over him, but I would I wouldn’t try to “fix” myself tp the person he would like. This I Believe.

Although many people think they believe this, even they see themselves slowly starting to get a new style or attitude in order to impress people you will probably never see out of the school year or several years, maybe. Why try so hard? I am not saying you shouldn’t talk to or even be friends with different people from you, just don’t forget who you are inside or try to change to be like someone else, or forget your real friends. You should definitely not shut off and ignore your other schoolmates, because then how are you any different than them? I believe every person deserves respect, and friends, so if you are really that clique person, just have your own style and attitude and don’t try to be someone else. In the end of the day, the only person staring at you back at you in the mirror is you. This I Believe.

Sometimes I do wish I was someone else, but not really. I believe that differences are what makes us individuals, and that’s only if you are yourself and that only. If people were all the same, it would be a very boring world, right? Why fit in if you can stand out? Don’t think you are strange because you aren’t like the person next to you, that’s okay. Only you can decide who you are, so pick you. This I Believe.