This I Believe

Frances - Niagara, New York
Entered on September 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Once upon a time I thought that we had control over our own actions and still believe to a certain point we do. But more and more as I observe each day I begin to come to the conclusion that life is no more than a series of coincidences strung together by this little thing called fate. Our destinies are merely determined when we come into this world and what actions we take to sway the course of our lives lie within ourselves and how hard we are willing to work.

Every one is their own story book being written page by page day by day. Whether you believe that our destinies lie somewhere in the stars or if they are simply in the palm of our own hands is simply your own determination. Fate, I believe, is a very real thing that can’t be seen by people but factors into where we end up. The answer isn’t clear whether life is predetermined or we are just winging it. The only answer one can count on is the one that you determine for yourself. I believe that you can only truly control your own actions to a certain extent and that the course of fate is written somewhere for everyone.

Perhaps I just hold on to this notion because I hope someday my hard work is meant for something more and maybe one day I will rule the world. But other times I simply believe in fate because everybody needs to hold onto that magic that can give them that little bit of hope in the worst situations.

For some people they turn to god or religious beliefs. Other may have a lucky rabbit’s foot or wish on a shooting star. I don’t expect everybody to see from my perspective. I’m simply stating fate is my last chance hope that I turn to on a daily basis to explain the things that are to coincidental. Sometimes in an instant you can have no idea where you stand or a reason for why you are standing there Other times in that moment things seem too bleak or so unbelievable that your mind twists and turns frantically to find and explanation and make sense of it all only to find a few minutes, hours or even days later that the moment somehow made sense. I strongly believe that fate plays a part in our everyday lives. Perhaps that boy you shared your pudding with is the love of your life or maybe the risk you took entering a film festival landed you in the middle of the red carpet. All that matters are the way the events unfold before us and the big (or small) lessons they will teach. Sometimes from the greatest disasters we learn the greatest lessons.

Fate is something that can have an effect whether you let yourself believe it or not. You may think that my belief is silly, and I really don’t care. This I believe is what plays an effect in my life and can sometimes give us hope. Whether you turn to god or a tub of cookie dough ice cream, I turn to fate and believe that what is meant to happen will in the end, if you don’t try to hold of your own destiny someone else might. This I believe is fates role in each of our lives, each of us has a direction whether we like it or not and in the end I believe we are all supposed to end up where we’re going.