This I Believe

Tishana - Euclid, Ohio
Entered on September 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe in thanking God for family. As today marks the sixth year anniversary of September 11, 2001, I sit and think about the many lives lost and how such a tragedy occurred. Of course everyone remembers what they were doing exactly that day. For me, I was only 13 in my seventh grade English class. Though my story isn’t as heart breaking, to think of what could have happened is just as emotional.

My grandmother worked in World Trade Seven, the third building to collapse. I didn’t know at the time. All I knew was that something was going on in New York where my grandparents lived. I was called down to the office. There was a phone call for me and on the other end my father. He informed me that my grandmother went to work that day and that my mom was trying to get in touch with her. Since I was young I couldn’t really grasp the effect of the crash. So I didn’t cry. I didn’t really show any emotion. All I thought about was my grandma. And I prayed she’d be okay.

Not too long after I was called to the office, my mother came to pick me up from school. She and I went straight home. I just watched the television as repeat after repeat after repeat of the explosions broadcasted around the world. The towers fell.

It was now mid-afternoon. All blessings must have been with us because then came a phone call from grandma. I wasn’t on the phone, but from what my mother told me, she was extremely upset and crying. I thanked God she was okay. What if I would have lost her that day? There’s no telling how my life and family’s life would be.

I later found out that it was my grandma’s decision to evacuate the building when the first tower was hit. And like her, her co-workers thought the same and followed her example.

I visited my grandma the summer of 2005. I went site seeing with my grandma my uncle and my three sisters. Among the sites we saw were ground zero. It was my grandma’s first visit back down there. All she could say was “Look what they’ve done to this place.” And all I could think was thank God you’re okay.

I’m not much of a ‘get together with your family’ type person, but I always have and will be thankful they’re here with me. Family means the world to me.