This I Believe

Maegan - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe that the bond between sisters is a powerful relationship. Out of any relationship in a female’s life, sisterhood is unique. No matter what happens, that link, that connection, will never be broken. There are always periods of closeness and distance, but there’s like a lock between you that just won’t seem to open. I believe that the vast majority of sisters have a strong union, mysterious to those outside the inner circle. Relationships like those between sisters are hard to come by. There’s a certain intimacy that makes them extremely different from close friends. One would be lucky to obtain a strong sisterly bond. I believe that I am one of those “lucky” people. My relationship with my sister is unlike any affiliation I have with any other person in the world. Not only is she my sister, she is one of my girls, my companion, my rival, my confidant, my advice giver, anything I want her to be, and of course my best friend. She knows my every thought, whether or not I say it out loud. She’s my family, she knows the family secrets, I can tell her anything without being judged, feeling ashamed, or feeling like I’ve betrayed anybody by telling her some private information. I’m attached to her, and although I said the bond can never be broken, one of my fears is that one day, by some means the chain breaks.

I know somewhere out there; someone thinks I live in some fairytale. That this bond of mine is rare and make-believe. Some sisters never move beyond childhood rivalry. They are missing out on something real, something unique, and something that can really positively affect their lives. No matter how much you hate your sister at some point, they’ll always help you out in times of need. They are like a safety net, and this safety net is a good resource for life.

I believe the bond between sisters is not comparable to the relationship between brothers. True, brothers share the biological link, but it’s just a different connection. It’s rare to find them as emotionally glued as girls who grew up under the same roof. The real thing that sets sisters apart from close friends and brothers is a very intimate meshing of thoughts, soul, memories and everything you could think of.

Four days less than a year separates me from my sister. The closeness in age knits us even tighter together. I look to her for guidance and I know she’s always the right person to talk to. I said I was fearful of potentially losing this bond. We are young, and who knows where life will take us. My mom and uncle had a similar bond, close in age, and close all around. Yet, my uncle’s career took him across the country to California, and left his sister alone in New York. They are still close, but it’s different. I don’t want my bond to change; I don’t want it to be “different.” I am content with the way it is, and hope it only grows stronger.