This I Believe

Tishana - Euclid, Ohio
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe some high school friends, are a thing of the past. Especially if they hold you back.

Overall I must say that high school was both a great and sad experience. Great because of the friends I had made. Sad because of the friends I had to leave behind. I started off at Cleveland Heights High School. There, I was a part of the tennis team, I joined choir, and I had lots of friends. But come eleventh grade year, it was time to move to a new home and a new school. I transferred to Euclid High School.

Being a vocational student I was never at Euclid. Instead I was at Brush High School. And there is where I met my old-best friend. It’s a complicated situation of how we met. And it only got more complicated the more I hung out with her.

I feel she’s a good person, when she wants to be. Other times I don’t know what gets into her head. She’s the friend that is all about a show. You know, the type that always needs the spotlight on her. I didn’t have a problem with that. I didn’t need to shine. I was noticed whether around her or not. She’s also the type of friend that if she has a problem with someone, she better not catch you talking to them or else!

And that’s where she and I clashed. For a good year or two, even though I hated the thought, I was the sidekick. I never really said anything because she would have already spilt the beans. I never told her how I really felt because she was the type to take everything the wrong way, even if you meant well. As time grew on I started to hang with her less and less. I started to feel happier, like a weight was lifted. I guess all her problems really were my problems…even if they didn’t have to be.

She would get all upset when I didn’t call. She’d sometimes call me phony. I never let it get to me because I didn’t need anymore drama. With graduation coming up, thinking about college, who needs that kind of stress. Like really, who cares what so-and-so said about you. More than likely they’re jealous. Get over it. And who is she to decide who I can or can not be friends with? Last time I checked, that was for me to decide.

As I started looking into my future, I saw her there less. I didn’t feel sad about it though because she was still on high school games. I felt as seniors, it was time to grow up a move on with life, and that’s exactly what I did.

When I graduated, I parted ways with her. I don’t regret being her friend. Nothing can replace the fun we had. I just believe that some high school friends are a thing of the past.