This I Believe

SideKickKatie - Texas
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout my whole life, i have always prayed;before my meals, at church and before i go to bed. never did i question why. i never once wondered why it is “important” to have a relationship with god, or simply believe in him. sure i went to church and read parts of the bible, but never did i truly understand what god was all about. i always thought that everyone believed in him, and that there was no questioning it, it was just something everyone was supposed to do.

as i got a little older, i realized not everyone believed in god. i came across alot of people who strongly did NOT believe in him; some because of past experiences. i always wondered why god was always in MY life but not others. i grew up believing in him because of my family and i am glad i did. because they thought of something one way, so did i. because of what they believed in, made me believe the same.

i never knew any different. untill i actually thought about god myspelf, about how important he really is, and the difference he made in my life, i never knew for sure what to believe in.

i have always known that in times of need, desperation and guidance, i should pray. but after hearing others talk about not beliving in god, i began to wonder, “maybe they are right? maybe there really isnt a need to pray,” i mean, just because i pray doesnt mean god is going to fix everything when and how i want it.

there have been many times in my life where i think to myself “why am i here? i know there has to be some kind of reason. i know there is something bigger than myself, but who and why?” all of these questions are simply out of curiosity of the unkown. because of the fact that god canot be seen, people begin to wonder. there have been alot of questions i have come across in my life that are still unanswered. there are alot of things that i dont know. and still to this day, i dont know EVERYTHING about him or everything that happened in the bible, and i couldnt prove on paper that he is real. But i do believe in him. i know he works miracles, and i know hes here, right now.

i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

i believe in god.