This I Believe

Mitchel - Houston, Texas
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: patriotism

This I Believe Essay

I believe that Patriotism should take a more active role on our society. Since the invasion of counter culture in the 1960’s a growing number of so called “Americans” have become infatuated with the idea that Anti-Americanism is an acceptable cause. Most of these groups have been installed with a Socialist doctrine even thought they preach an Anti-Government idea. The reason I believe that this movement has gone also unchallenged (especially in the recent years) is the growing medias liberal Bias. Not to mention that Anti-Americanism to some naive few has been considered to be hip and cool therefore drawing in both a young and rebellious crowd. With such young followers it can be guarantied that the future generations of these followers will take the same views as their parents. With all these facts taken in, it’s come to my attention that change is needed in order to ensure the survival of our country. The U.S is a global superpower and therefore the only major threat we face comes from within our borders. However if we can become Patriotic Americans and change our ways our society will experience untold benefits. This I Believe