This I Believe

Hannah - Vilonia, Arkansas
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in miracles.

Miracles happen everyday and I am blessed that my family has experienced many of them. I truly believe that miracles can happen to anybody.

It is amazing to me how the weakest person can recover from a traumatic illness. When my mother was pregnant with me, my dad became very ill. At first the doctors thought that he had the beginning stages of Multiple Sclerosis. Then the doctors discovered he had transversemilitis. Transversemilitis is a virus in your spinal cord, which causes paralysis. My dad was paralyzed from the waist down and was unable to sit up, feel his feet, or walk. The doctors did all they could do and my family waited for a miracle. After weeks of intense therapy and prayer, a miracle of healing began. For the first time in a month, my father was able to walk again and showed significant signs for a full recovery. Ever since my mother shared this powerful story, I have put my faith in miracles.

Another miracle that has occurred in my family’s life is my brother. When my brother was born the whole world stopped spinning in my mother’s eyes. She was so happy that God had given her a beautiful baby boy but had no idea how sick he was. Later that day after the delivery, a nurse came in to tell my mom that Austin, her new baby boy, was in ICU. He was blue all over his body. They thought it was just the ink from his footprint at first, but later decided that he had too big of a breath when he came into the world. This caused a hole in his little lung. He was in ICU for about a week and everyone was scared he was not going to make it; but my mom and dad stayed strong in their faith. My mother never left his side and prayed all day with him right there. She asked God to heal the hole in his tiny lung. After a week he was doing a lot better but they still didn’t know how long he would have to stay there. Overnight, he was miraculously better.

My family and I believe in miracles and Gods good grace. Miracles do happen and sometimes when you least expect them.