This I Believe

Audrie - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in seeing other people for who they are. Everyone seems to get so caught up in the same trap by wondering about frivolous things such as who won prom queen or most attractive in the yearbook. They do this rather than taking a step back and taking the time to truly see people for who they are. I feel that the time we look straight at a person, but at the same time, look straight through them based on how they look. How many times have you looked at a magazine, seen a gorgeous model, and thought to yourself, “I wonder what her personality’s like?” It’s as if we have no peripheral vision; we see what’s in front of us through a narrow scope and cannot see anything further than that.

I’m not unpopular, but I’m not popular. I’ve had my shining moments, yes, but it is during those times where I look at others and say, “Well, what about them?” I realize that not everyone can win prom queen, that not everyone will win the Nobel Prize, and not everyone get a star on Hollywood Boulevard. But so many people go through life without hearing a simple phrase such as, “I love you” or “I look up to you.” Those simple words can bring life and happiness where you’d least expect it, but sometimes you have to take the first step. [[what can I do here as a transition??]]

I’ve always wondered what made the popular teens in high school get the title of ‘popular’, or how society got so warped with focusing on how people look. In my experiences as a leader in student council and in my school, I’ve met several interesting teenagers, none who they seem. One bubbly blonde might have been suicidal at one point. An attractive tall girl might snort when she laughs. A seemingly happy boy might have a father who’s having an affair. As I take the time to learn these things about people, it puts everything in perspective. Why do we judge straight from the cover?

It is simple to say that things are going to change, then not do anything about it because of fear of embarrassment or negativity. But I believe that everyone should try, just to see what happens. When I see someone alone, I try to talk to him or her because I hate being alone. When I meet a new acquaintance, I ask them about themselves before I tally up what I think about them. I try to remember that both the young and the old deserve a place in society and the people that are most difficult to get along with might be the ones that have the most problems.

I believe in keeping an open mind toward everyone. I believe in happiness. And mostly, I believe in the golden rule. I know that enemies only continue to make more, but friendship is something that you remember forever.