This I Believe

Brandon - 85747, Arizona
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that sport is the greatest gift we have given ourselves.

You can never feel the effects of hard work and teamwork like you feel while playing sports. As a kid, my local little league group kept me busy and out of trouble. It gave me incentive to be a good student and end up a straight A student instead of being a druggy like many friends I know.

The individual isn’t the only beneficiary of sports. In fact states, nations, and even the world feel the pleasures of sport. At no other time do you see so many people from so many parts of the world together, peacefully and happy, than you do at the Olympics. We never needed sports more than when the 2001 World Series came around, beginning a little over a month after the September 11th tragedy. It brought the nation out of its state of fear, and into a state of singleness. It brought my family out of its state of shock. My family works in the aircraft industry, and this attack was sure to end their jobs, leaving us in fear of the future. The World Series gave my family the hope that we needed.

I believe that sports create history. With Jackie Robinson becoming the first black man to play in a professional sports league in 1947, years before the civil rights movement started in 1955.

I believe sports are something you can turn to at any time for any reason to seek refuge from problems. Sports are the things that you can always trust. A basketball will never lie to you, a baseball will never stab you in the back, and a football will never steel from you. Pool tables don’t sell drugs, ping-pong balls don’t cheat, and shoes don’t commit crimes. They all, however, will be there for anyone who needs them.

Mentally and physically, sports heal. Nothing heals better than a friendly game of basketball. Nothing feels better than catching a homerun at a baseball game. Being on the track team easily conquers the growing obesity problems. Having a physical disability never stopped anyone from playing a sport. No matter the problems faced, there is a game for everybody. Nowadays too many people are depressed and lonely in their modern lives. Nobody in the entire world is less depressed and less lonely than the winning team, and even the fans of the winning team feel great. On the losing team, there is always someone feeling the same pain. Sometimes life is overwhelming, too many people and too little time. Golf is a simple answer to that problem. Walking on to the green grass, in the cool morning air, waiting to hit that ball as hard and as far as you can is a feeling like no other. It’s just you and the ball, nobody else in your domain, more relaxing than the best masseuse, more healing than the most expensive therapist.

I believe in sports.