This I Believe

Karina - Springfield, Virginia
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I am 32 years old. As a little girl growing up in Perú, I witnessed my parents’ intense love for one another through poverty, sickness and heartbreak. I vividly remember watching my father lovingly brushing my mother’s hair when she was unable to do so due to paralysis. Even at a young age, I knew my parents’ devotion to one another was something to aspire to, something to wish for. Once, I asked my mother “how can I have the love that you and daddy have?” she looked at me and lovingly answered “pray for it, honey, and it will happen. Your wish will be granted”. When I look back at that moment now, I realize with amazement that I never for a minute doubted what my mother shared with me. I knew she believed this to be true and so did I.

Today, I appreciate that both my parents shaped me to be someone whose heart breathes because of never-ending hope. I deeply appreciate that my mother talked to me that day, and the thing is….that she was right. After experiencing the unavoidable pain that comes with living through something that sort of resembled love a couple of times, my mother’s words finally came true.

One day, in the most unexpected way, I met Steve. He is my best friend, my rock and the man I married with the conviction that he is an answered prayer. I know that, just like my parents, he and I will go through our journey here on earth together, fully devoted to our love. In Steve’s eyes, I see his commitment to love me through the happiest of times as well as the most difficult of hardships even when our youth slips away, and we are faced with inevitable thorny realities of life. I love the gift my parents gave me. I love that my husband has taught me what it is to truly trust someone. I love that he and I dream together. And I know that one day, when our own child asks “how can I have the love you and daddy have?” I will say “pray for it, honey, and it will happen. Your wish will be granted”.

I believe in the gift of faith. I believe in allowing your heart to dream your wildest dreams. I believe that the power of love conquers all—sickness, pain and suffering—. And I believe that when two people truly and whole-heartedly give themselves to each other, incomparable beauty arises, surpassing all else.