This I Believe

Austin - Vail,Arizona,85641
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe

I believe that there is a lack of respect for one’s self. In today’s generation many people have little respect for themselves let alone their bodies.

The other night I was watching ESPN to catch up on the latest highlights on sports when an AXE –body spray- commercial came on. It starts out as a young man introduces his date to his foreign mother and father. Then the father asks politely where he may use their bathroom and is told the bathroom is right down the hall. When he is done using the bathroom he notices a AXE –body spray- can and accidentally sprays a little of the fragrance into the air and onto his suit. When he is done he re-enters the room and his son’s date gets a whiff of the fragrance and then starts to dance and say, “Bom chicka wah wha” repeatedly over and over again. The entire time she is saying this, she is moving her hands all over her body and making sexual movements towards him. When she reaches him she rips off his suit until he is left with only his wife beater and underwear on. He than says, “God bless America.”

Through out the commercial I realized that people have lost their self-respect to promote the fragrance. The girl being seduced and then rubbing her hands all over her red dress, and the foreign father allows the girl to rip off his cloths and just stands their and says, “God bless America” as if it was some kind of blessing or as if what she did was appropriate. This commercial gives a good example of what people are willing to do to just to be on T.V. and get attention of some sort.

Today, people are not far from the degrading of self-respect as the people in those commercials. Just look around, you tell me what you see. I see girls are wearing mini skirts and shirts to show cleavage. Also wearing soffee shorts with big imprints of letters on their bottoms and letting colorful bra straps be shown, which both clothing styles easily catch the eyes of guys. Guys are sagging and purposely showing their brand new boxers to get the attention of females and not to mention buying a pair of silk boxer briefs knowing that a girl will be commenting on them and feeling how “soft” they are.

I am not saying that every guy and girl have no dignity or respect for themselves, but today more and more people are proving they are willing to show to skin and show undergarments to appeal themselves for the opposite sex. As I have done, just look around you and you will notice the type of close being worn, it is up to you to decide what is considers a lack of respect for themselves and their bodies or is just a style that is so called “in”.