This I Believe

KurT - Tucson Arizona, Arizona
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In general is an accepted fact that populations do not like new things that they don’t understand. That said, the majority of the working population currently does not or has not played video games and/or were not raised around them. It is true that in the American population over 60 years old, people tend to stray away from the Internet as well as much of today’s technology. This is for the main reason that they do not understand it. The current misunderstanding at large is the idea that video games ruin people.

When I was 6, my Mom bought me Reader Rabbit. Reader Rabbit is a kid friendly game designed to express simple educational topics to very young children. Before I got to grade school I knew how to read, write, do simple equations, and even fractions. I credit my affinity for learning to this, and have never taken for granted the educational benefits of video games.

I believe that the mockery of games like World of Warcraft on television; like SouthPark; is the representation of a cultural dislike of the games and the people who play them. However we can see the better side of games like the educational ones like Reader Rabbit, or even the cognitive thinking benefits of games like The Legend Of Zelda. These kinds of games give people early educational benefits, and an affinity for math and logic. I’d say that’s much more useful than Harry Potter.

In terms of human innovation, video games are relatively new. This as I belive is the main cause for the rejection of video games. As the invention of the photograph had early benefits, it also struck fear into others who were under the impression that it would steal your soul. Is that not what video games are getting accused for? The SouthPark interpretation points out a stereotypical loss of touch with the real world due to the overuse of the game World of Warcraft. Thinking people who play video games don’t have lives is a very similar suspicion to loosing your soul to a picture box, as it all boils down to superstition.

Some part of us always smiles when we see beauty in a painting or in a song. In a good video game, a full team of people can put their creative minds together to make these kinds of beauty in a world that you can enjoy from your own angle. In that sense video games are even better for the economy, as more people can get paid for the development of a video game than for writing a best selling book. I believe we should embrace the vast possibilities that we can touch through video games.