This I Believe

Robin - 85747, Arizona
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Nature is simple but powerful. Nature is elegant but fierce. Nature is pretty but messy. I believe the beauty of nature and how it is underrated.

When walking through a forest, people see a massive amount of trees. Though what most people don’t seem to notice is that each and every tree came from a little seed that grew into something more. This little seed grew into a tree that can be a home for many animals, where foods and medical resources can be retrieved from it, but mainly this tree is here to show that there still is beauty in this world. That beauty can be found anywhere.

A desert is a dry, desolate place that plants and animals happen to live in. To know that cacti and animals have this environment as their natural habitat is a beauty in itself. Sure, not many people are going to walk through a desert, where they plan on seeing millions of replicas of a dry, thorny cactus. Why not? There isn’t a cactus that looks like another, as there is isn’t more than one type of snowflake. Why miss seeing a tarantula prance its way through the desert, or a cactus stand proud in the desert?

Nature goes by unnoticed. It has the same purpose as we do. To live, grow and prosper. Nature wants to be seen too. Why else would there be a bright red rose amongst a patch of thorns? The whole point of nature is for it to be noticed. While you may be having a bad day at work, you should take time to notice that small tree that has fallen over. It’s in just as much of a predicament as you.

People can spend the rest of their lives not noticing the simple beauties that nature has created, but then look at how much time was wasted not noticing that baby bird crack out of its egg, or that cactus blossom make its appearance for only one day before it withers away. I’m going to make sure that I notice that blossom, that I notice that weak bird take its first flight, and I’ll take time to notice a colony of ants carry one leaf to wherever they may be going. I won’t ignore that blossom, nor will I ignore that baby bird, and I will not step on those ants.