This I Believe

Melissa - Vail, Arizona
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone deserves second chances, even if you swore that once they betrayed you they would do it over and over again. Betrayal by your best friend is the worst feeling someone could possibly have; this was the one person you thought you could always count on until a time they weren’t there because they had “better” things to do.

Having someone be almost like family and losing them to someone they met barely a couple months ago is felt deep down. You feel as if a part of you is gone or that no one can see you, almost as if you are invisible. You think to yourself, do I really deserve to have someone treat me this way?

When I was younger, my best friend was the one I could go too when I was having problems or needed a shoulder to cry on. She was almost like a sister. As we got older, our friendship became deeper and deeper. She would be the one that wouldn’t judge me if I did something wrong, until one day she met this guy, she became a stranger, someone I wasn’t able to trust.

It was heartbreaking to see her become someone she wasn’t. A person of lies and deceit, although she treated the ones she loved horribly, I was always there for her. I stood by her even when she treated me like the dirt under her shoes. All I was able to do was stand in the shadows and hope one day everything would go back.

My best friend was loosing everyone she once cared about and I didn’t know how to help her. This was one battle she had to fight alone, all she needed to do was believe in herself and people would believe in her. Although betrayal by someone you thought you could trust is an unexplained emotion, that person can show you differently. People learn from their mistakes. Mistakes cause individuals to become a better person than ever before.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance, a new way to start their life. This is a way they can prove that they will be true to their word, their one chance to change for the better. Prove to people that they aren’t terrible people and that there is a way to change. They deserve to prove to themselves and others. Realize that they did mess up and no one is able to turn it around for them. Second chances are given to those who earn it. I believe that my best friend didn’t deserve it at first but in the end she proved to me that she was worthy of my friendship. This is the reason why I believe in second chances because people do change for the better. Just need to give them a reason to want too and believe that they can.