This I Believe

Ashley - USA
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that everyone has a passion. People dedicate most of their time and effort to this passion because it is something that they truly love and admire. This passion could be in anything, from an activity, to a sport, or even a hobby. This devotion is like a personality trait; found deep within one’s heart. For some people this infatuation may be unknown or hidden; it may need to be discovered over time. Everyone has a passion, and it plays an important part in one’s life, especially since it is embedded in his or her heart.

My admiration took me the first eight years of my life to figure out, but once I figured it out, it changed me forever. My true adoration lies in the art of classical ballet. I am a dancer, and this has shaped me in many different ways. My desire to dance is one of the largest parts of me; it makes up who I am as a person, especially since I have been dancing for the past eight years. I have acquired many of my good traits through dance, and I try to apply them in everything that I do. These traits include, respect, honesty, and perseverance. I learn something new everyday when I dance, whether it is something about myself, or the art. My attachment and devotion to dance drives me to do better, and I strive to achieve my goals and succeed.

Many people feel the same way about the one thing they love to do most. I have heard numerous people talk about their different experiences, and how they would be different without them. Some do not even know that their passion exists; others know intuitively what it is. However, each individual has one and it gives him or her a different insight on life. I feel that it brings out the best in people and that many new opportunities arise through this attachment. I have witnessed this many times before in numerous people, including myself.

People can change devotions easily. They may think that they truly love something, but then they find something else that they love more. People grow and change, as do their devotions in some cases. People wear their passions, and when they grow they sometimes have to change sizes into another. However, some people are attached, as if they were married to it. They are inseparable, until the person dies, and even then, their spirit lives on through their devotion. Changing desires is a life changing experience and every one teaches you something new. It is worth the try to invest your time in something else, if that is what you desire. No matter what, you will still have a passion that you invest yourself in, and you can always go back to an old desire, or start a new one if you wish.