This I believe: Religious Freedom is a right of Humanity

Adam - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout the world there are differences in ethnicity, status, and culture. Humans should not be looked at differently because of what they look at as morally correct. No one should be afraid to display and express what makes him or her achieve a state of happiness. I believe that everyone should have the freedom from being judged by his or her religion as well as the lack-there-of.

Religion is such a hard subject to talk about for many, due to the lack of knowledge and respect for people’s preferences. Some individuals are born into a religious household where their beliefs are what they base their lives upon. These families believe that in order for them to be happy and at peace with life they are obligated to go to church and worship god and all of his entities. Beliefs and religious practices are summed up to, ‘ wDoing what you think is right.’ While this is another view, there are also families who feel it is the right thing to let their children choose a religion for themselves. No one has the right to judge either of these choices based on what their personal beliefs.

I personally have been faced with an equal opportunity decision. My parents have given me the right to exercise my freedom about choosing a religion. My parents gave me the choice to live life and believe for myself. I have chosen to take time and look into other religions and until I am ready, I will continue to search for a belief that fits. They have taught me not to be afraid of what other people think about personal beliefs, as well as not to judge others by theirs. Choosing a belief is about what makes a person feel internally happy.

All to often a group of individuals come along who think that any other religion aside from theirs is inferior. Every person in this world is given choices and options has to how they want to live their life. It is a difficult matter as to what each individual needs to fulfill in his or her life. Do not be afraid to practice what you have faith in; because it is a right of humanity to be a part of what belief you give a part of your heart to. This I believe: Everyone should have the freedom from being judged by his or her religion as well as the decision to not practice a religion.