This I Believe

Olivia - Radcliff, Kentucky
Entered on September 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone needs at least one friend in their life who they can depend on, talk to about problems, or just hang out with. I’m fortunate enough to have that friend. I’ve known my best friend Lauren since daycare, however we haven’t always been best friends, as a matter of fact we absolutely hated each other until about 4th grade. Lauren and I always argued about the silliest things, and I found her very annoying. When she had sleepovers I was the only girl in the class who wasn’t invited, and when I had sleepovers I made sure every girl in the class was there, except Lauren.

Despite the fact that Lauren and I absolutely hated each other, her cousin and I, Meghan were best friends. This made Lauren extremely uncomfortable and she always tried to prevent Meghan from hanging out with me, but we were inseparable. Their were always those times when Meghan would try to get me and Lauren to talk and hang out but she was always unsuccessful. Lauren and I continued to hate each other until about 4th grade when Meghan moved to Germany. When Meghan moved to Germany, me and Lauren were both extremely sad and I think we connected because we had something that we could relate to. Meghan was our best friend, despite the fact that me and Lauren weren’t friends, and that brought me and Lauren together and gave us a reason to reconcile and become close.

The day Meghan moved to Germany, me and Lauren went to the airport to say goodbye to her. It was an emotional day, and after Laurens parents took me and Lauren to McDonalds where me and Lauren actually sat down and talked. That day me and Lauren decided that it was silly not to be friends, for really no apparent reason. We started to get to know each other and realized that we actually had a lot of common.

Throughout middle school, Lauren and I were pretty much together all the time. Lauren turned into something that I never thought she would become, my best friend. When I had sleepovers, I made sure she was the first person invited and she made sure I went with her on all of her family trips. We hung out pretty much everyday the summer before freshman year, and when I found out she wasn’t coming to Bethlehem, I was crushed. I thought our friendship would be over since we were going to different schools, but I was wrong. The separation that Lauren and I now have, has brought us even closer together because we now cherish the time that we have together since we don’t see each other often. We talk on the phone constantly and make sure we update each other on our lives. Best friends can continue to be best friends, no matter what happened between them in the past or the separation that they now have, and I’m glad that Lauren is helping me realize that.