This I Believe

Chelsea - Bowling Green, Ohio
Entered on September 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

A World Without Crime

I am from a medium sized wealthy town in Northeast Ohio, and I wish that everyone in the world could live in a town like mine. I want everyone to feel like I do in the morning when I wake up, able to walk outside of my house by myself to get the mail. That is why I believe that people should be able to live in a world without crime. A world where no one should be afraid to walk outside of their own home fearing they could get mugged, or even shot.

It is embarrassing to me that hundreds of thousands of people immigrated to this country to start a new life, and find a job in hope of becoming wealthy. But for many people, their wishes never came true because they did not have anywhere to go, and ended up living in an inner city environment. Their lives are now filled with crime: sexual, hate, murder, robberies, and many more. Without crime, living in a big city would become a lot easier than it is now. People could feel safe and live wherever they want. America is called the land of opportunity, but for many that is not the case.

I think that the United States should not be able to sell guns to the public. The crime rate here is already outrageous, and selling guns to anyone who wants one is not helping at all. For example, my family does not own a gun, and we have never had an instance where we needed to use one. I may not come from a city where there is a lot of crime, but I still feel like there are plenty of other ways to solve things. I wish that if a person knew they were going to commit a crime that they could turn themselves in before they do it. That would be ideal, but nowhere near realistic. If people could simply be honest, the crime rate would drop to almost nothing.

When criminals finish their jail sentence and return to society, it is a known fact that they are likely to commit another crime. In the future, I hope that the government makes harsher punishments for crimes that are made. No matter what the form of crime, to me they are all equally bad. For the families that have ever experienced anything with crime, they have my greatest sympathy.