This I Believe

Jayni - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Entered on September 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: gratitude, nature

Find Yourself. Lose the World

Hands down, everyone should absolutely have to go camping. Not once or twice in a life time, but once or twice a year at a minimum.

The outdoors has always been a part of my life especially growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Honestly, there actually isn’t much to do except be outside and run a muck through the surrounding national forests. That’s exactly what I did. I have spent most of my childhood wandering through the woods during one of my numerous camping adventures and there is where I found myself and lost the world. All concerns, worries, and bitching people that are so prevalent in society do not exist in the greater outdoors. Instead, there are roaring rivers, gigantic lakes, towering trees, and wild beasts roaming around. Challenging and trifling experiences await that make the body and soul grow stronger. That’s what makes it so wonderful. All other worries are stripped away and only the bare elements exist.

Then I began to explore the world outside of the woods, such as other parts of Michigan and attitudes change. No longer was I with a bunch of happy people enjoying the simplicity of life, but I was swept into cities with people only concerned about their self worth. Soon the peaceful essence I once had slowly began to diminish, and I became an angry-annoyed person. What has become of this beautiful-luscious-thriving world?

Where did I go? Lost in the traffic jams of the city I guess. School eventually finishes and I am bound to a summer commitment of camping, canoing, hiking, and many other ways of exploration of the woods. There is no TV. or magazines and politics absolutely do not exist. I become happier, feeling the warmth of the sun that peeks through the trees on a hot summer’s day or the cool breeze that kisses my hair. My life is completely happy and content with absolutely everything. The outdoors is what society is missing and that is what I believe camping can bring. Peace to the angry people of the world.