This I Believe

Lindsay - san antonio, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

One of the most irritating things about growing up is that each individual grows wise at their own pace, and some grow more than others ever will. Wisdom tends to point out how unwise others are. All the wise can do is wait for others around them to jump aboard the wisdom train, but it seems as though they endlessly go in circles on the dumb dumb mobile instead. This is growing up…it doesn’t lye in a number, but in experience and wisdom. A wise soul knows better than to abandon an unwise loved one, but also knows how to one within themselves while mingling amongst the crowd. When one goes in a situation wise, even under scrutiny, they wisely stand to the side and let time show their wisdom instead of words. Go in wise and leave even wiser: because, every time something unwise is brought to the forefront, wisdom grows stronger, leaving the dumb dumb mobile further in the dust! And the wise are left with the task of patience while awaiting their friends and loved ones to take a leap of faith and accompany them on their fulfilling journey.