This I Believe

Robert - Yonkers, New York
Entered on September 8, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I believe it is both our right and duty, as citizens of a democracy, to vote in every election. I also believe voting for the candidate of your choice is one of the pleasures of good citizenship, so too is voting against a candidate.

It is least appealing when you feel there is no choice, that neither candidate is acceptable. All too often, this is our dilemma and since there is no lever for “none of the above”, many citizens stay home. As a result, since 1960, voter turnout has decreased steadily to less than 40% today.

However, there is always a choice, and a very practical one. Quite simply: IF YOU HAVE NO PREFERENCE … VOTE THE INCUMBENT OUT.

There are several advantages to doing so;

(1) By not reelecting incumbents, we also reduce their years of service for pension benefits funded by our taxes.

(2) We similarly reduce the senority of their staffs whose pensions we also pay for.

(3) By limiting incumbent longevity, we reduce the market value of their services as highly paid lobbyists, often in direct conflict with the public interest.

(4) By “cleaning out” the system and reducing the buildup of an entrenched bureaucracy, we ensure a continal infusion of “new blood” and new ideas into the political process.

(5) Finally, we send a powerful message to our elected officials – RISE ABOVE PETTY PARTISAN POLITICS AND DO THE RIGHT THING … OR COME THE NEXT ELECTION … YOU TOO ARE OUT!