This I Believe

Steve - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 8, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in something different

After death I believe that we evolve existence. I do not believe that existence evolves us. I believe that existence has its own levels of consciousness that contribute to the awareness of existence itself. I believe that that awareness is not yet self-aware. I believe that that is a lot farther in our futures than even I can imagine. I believe that life is rare or unique in the time spans of existence versus nothingness. I believe that the more we evolve as life the more we can evolve this dawning existence as we join it with our essence at death. Energy is never destroyed but only changed in form. The more we evolve ourselves the more of that energy we take with us when we move on.

Does that make me an atheist? I guess so. Does that make me a spiritual person? Yes, more spiritually conscious than most can be. I must view existence as if the responsibility for it were on my shoulders. Not someone else’s. I live with one foot in the physical realm and the other in the spiritual. They are quite different.

I believe that religion has monopolized the path to spirituality. They have done more damage than good. I believe that humanity can find the spiritual path by uniting in common cause more than dividing into religions and other ways to compete about their differences rather than revel in their similarities.

We have many things in common compared to that which we might have different. Do we not all have needs for shelter, food and water, health care, a purpose in life, a need to grow and a need to feel the freedom of choice to do the right things?

For example we have a need to end greed. The end of greed will beckon the beginning of common respect. This will be the first step to our planetary evolvement.

A spiritual life does not depend on the people who exampled it. It depends on whether we saw the example and want to emulate it into you own life. It is never the book or the long dead person we should example but the path of spirituality that impresses itself upon us. This is not mimicry, this is evolvement.

The Futurist