This I Believe

Bobbi - Columbia, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 7, 2007
Age Group: 65+

Several years ago, I was in Colorado Springs for a family wedding. Since I had recently broken my ankle, I was not white-water rafting with the rest of the family (this was the only good thing about the broken ankle!) I*nstead, I went for a walk in a small city park. There I endountered two young girls (about twelve or thirteen) from a nearby Christian fundamentalist summer camp. they were canvassing people in the part, wanting to know their beliefs. Now, I am probably a pretty liberal, inclusive person and probably don’t “believe” in any creed (I am a member of Lancaster Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends) and, when those two children asked me their question, I knew two things.

1) in front of those trusting, brave honest faces, I had to twll the truth and

2) if I said or did anything to tarnish their own shinging faith, God was going to be very mad at me.

It was an interesting discussion and I think we all learned something about the nature of faith and about ou7r responsibility to cherish the faith of others.

So – what I believe is that faith, any faith, needs to be honored and treasured and cherished. The ability to believe is not granted to everyone; it is a gift and if someone chooses to share that gift with you, you need to accept it humbly with love for the giver.