This I Believe

Abby - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on September 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Treat Your Feet

Trekking around the mall in three inch heels is quite a feat, but of course I have mastered it. Confidence dribbled out of my pores and the way those heels forced my hips were to wiggle only added to my coolness factor. But my feet did burn with pain and my calves began to quiver. So I draped myself over a chair in the center of the food court. I unbuckled the heels of hell and relief extinguished the smoky flames raging across my callused feet. Relaxation completely took over. Not wanting to move, I decided to stay sitting and “people watch” awhile. No way my feet were ready to duel with those shoes.

So I sat. I perused the people passing by. And then I spotted her- a somewhat attractive woman about 35. And then I caught a glimpse the things strapped on her feet. Birkenstocks. They looked like they had been trudged through a torturous battle. I had to look around to remember I was, in fact, sitting in the mall. I wondered how anyone would dare wear those out in public. But she didn’t seem to care. She actually worked those shoes.

She still strutted her stuff as well as I did, but my shoes tormented me. And I envied her. If I had those torn-up sandals on I would slump around with my head held low. I needed three inch heels to boost my confidence. I hated admitting it to myself. But yes it’s true. I feel the need to strap on sultry heels in order to feel an ounce of confidence. It hurt to know that self-confidence didn’t call my heart home. It came glued on the shoes- a little bit between each sequin on the straps. And with this realization I felt like crawling underneath my table- right next to the discarded half-eaten ice cream cone.

I made a conscious decision not to ever again correlate my self-esteem with the shoes I’m wearing. Store-bought items should never control who I am. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a great pair of shoes every now and then. I just take more precaution in finding shoes. Now I only wear shoes with a heel lower than two inches, (any heel above that is undoubtedly uncomfortable) and I won’t buy them without wearing them at least twenty minutes in the store. But I am always strutting as if I stood on stilts.