This I Believe

mariah - glendale, Arizona
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that friendship is consisted of people who aren’t afraid to be their selves. These type of friends accept who you are inside and out. They would stand up for you when rumors would evolve. Everyone has one of these. Her name is Candice Read. Candice has been my best friend since seventh grade to now. Our friendship increases more every time we see each other. We do interesting things that no one would ever think of. Candice and I were driving around one day on Happy Valley when we saw many campaign signs on a corner. Tearing down the signs came to our heads so there we were, punching and tackling the signs. We gave it our all and bashed them down. We succeeded and got three signs. The campaign signs looked bigger as we carried them to my car. They barely fit and had to be crumpled into my trunk. Driving around gave us ideas on what to do with the signs. We had decided to use them as sleds as if it was winter time in flagstaff. The question was where to go. Candice and I drove everywhere one could possibly think of until we passed the perfect spot. It was a cement water canal across from Peter Piper Pizza. This spot was a little intimidating in the dark but we decided to try it anyways. The hill was a lot steeper then it looked and gave us second doubts. Then we wondered how sharp the end of the canal was. Questions popped in our heads. We would ask questions such as will we fall, what happens in the end, or will we fall in the rocks. It took awhile but we got the courage. It was a now or never moment. I got on the sign and tilted it just in case we swerved. Candice was still in doubt but finally convinced herself to go. She held on to me as tight as possible and shook from being so nervous. Squirming to get a start made it worse but the sign finally powered down and away we went. Candice and I screamed the whole time with nothing running through my mind. We hit the bottom and just stayed silent. A few moments later, we burst out laughing and tried it again and again. After awhile, we figured this could be a safe sport. Going up the hill wore us out so we left. Candice and I are original and try new things. To this day we still go down laughing with out any worries. Friends like this are the people who make life worth living.