This I Believe

ray - hauppauge, New York
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in traveling, and seeing the world.

I was never into traveling, just hated the whole process. I hated packing most of all. I didn’t see a purpose, I thought there was no difference in the world until My senior year, I was all about staying being born on long island and living there for my whole life. Not until I was me and 20 students were granted a chance to go to Alaska for 2 weeks and go camping. I didn’t want to do it at all, not only were my friends not going, I just didn’t want to leave Long Island but my mom made me go, and till this day I’m so happy for it. I saw a different part of life, it was nothing like Long Island, it was beautiful in its own right. The nature was amazing and people said hi all the time unlike New York City. I promised myself that I would go to as many places as possible just to see what else is out there and see what else I fall in love with.

The places I traveled are California San Diego, the best weather in the world, Cancun, had to put in a spring break . London was a great time because the girls there are just as hot as New York girls but with accents. Turkey was amazing a lot of history, Belgium was interesting, I loved Tokyo, the fashion over there was great and so was the food. I also went to South Africa and did the safari. I thought the wild life was amazing. I also went to Amsterdam, wow is all I can say

The pointy I’m trying to make is that traveling around the world has shown me a different aspect of life, I appreciate it a lot more. Everywhere I’ve been I have taken a part of me, and has made me a better person someway. sure I didn’t stay long at these places, but I plan to backpack Europe when I finish school, and see as much as I possible can cause there is amazing things everywhere.