I Believe That Everyone Has A Soul Mate

Jessica - Northglenn, Colorado
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

You know when you have found your soul mate because the special love jumps up and scares you from behind. I believe that everyone had a soul mate but finding the right person takes time and patience. Many people would say that soul mates do not exist, that you fall in love, get married, be together as long as you can and move on. I believe that love lasts as long as you want it too and a soul mate lasts forever.

As a seventeen-year-old girl I have learned a lot about believing in a soul mate because of my relationship with Jordan. I was his first girlfriend and he was my first boyfriend, which was good because we were not experienced and would be able to take chances and see what the outcome would be. We started to get to know each other in December by going for runs in the evening after his basketball practice and my swimming practice. Jordan and I talked in school and exchanged cell phone numbers so we could call and text when ever we could. I believe that it was destiny that Jordan and I met doing something we both love to do, running, because that is how our adventure began. As weeks went by we soon came to realize that we had three important values in common and they are: never drink alcohol, never do drugs and smoke, and to wait to have sex until we were married. These three commonalities are very important to us and we will live by them. After Christmas our relationship became more serious and we shared our love by writing notes to each other, drawing pictures and saying I love you every day. We were in love and inseparable, we were always together and never apart like Noah and Allie in the movie “The Notebook”. I do believe that your soul mate is someone you can talk to and keep your secrets, tell you they love you everyday, send you flowers unexpectedly, and be your best friend that will be with you for the rest of your life and never let go.

I believe that everyone has a soul mate and they hold a special love. Sometimes you do not know the person you love is your soul mate until you see the magic spark that makes you blush the pink rose pink like a dreamy heart on Valentines Day and when you wish on a shooting star that you both will be together forever.