This I Believe

Dan - 44070, Ohio
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe more people should volunteer. People can volunteer to help out the

elderly, the poor, and children. Volunteering in the community is beneficial to everyone.

By helping out in the community the overall quality of life improves. People who serve

time in the community gain insight into new careers. One can devote their time at

nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, schools, and in the environment.

In my senior year of high school I was involved in a service-learning program

called SITES (Student Involvement Through Education and Service). Each semester we

were assigned to a location to do community service. Also, we did various activities

throughout the year, which included volunteering at a “Coats for Kids/Toys for Tots”

convention, raised money and bought gifts for poor families during Christmas, held a

dance for the senior citizens and did various acts of service in Marietta, Ohio.

First semester I was assigned to serve Chestnut Intermediate School. It was here I

assisted a 5th grade class. I helped Mrs. Campbell with grading papers, helped students

with homework and helped them understand what they missed on the test. Also, I

constructed flash cards for the students and assembled wall displays.

Second semester I was at Rocky River Municipal Courts. I got to see what goes

on behind the scenes of a court house. I assisted the probation office with various

activities on the computer. I shredded expired, classified, court documents, and observed

probation and court hearings.

It was rewarding working with both the school and the court. I learned more

about teachers, probation officers, magistrates and judges. I gained a boost in self esteem

and it felt great knowing I was able to help someone in need.