This I Believe

Catherine - Bowling Green, Ohio
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe…

Any High School student has the right to go to college whether it is a University or a Community College. Most students issue with going to college is that they are not financially stable. Colleges require a high tuition fee that is outrageous for most average families. This problem is the reason why students who need the financial aid should receive the funding they need with no problem. Students who need money for college should receive the funding they need.

Some students need financial aid help from a counselor to guide them in the right direction. The Financial Aid Counselors do not do enough outreach towards seniors in high school. They only focus on the students that come to them for help. The students that do not go to a counselor end up missing out on getting financial aid because they are too late to sign up for it or just do not know about it overall. The Financial advisors need to make conferences with all of the students planning on attending college to make sure they know how to find financial aid and loans and discuss their options for financing college. The advisors do not talk enough about grants and scholarships and where to find them. Quite a few students have problems with figuring out where to find grants and scholarships appropriate for their needs.

When students need financial aid the second place they look is with the loan companies. The loan companies make it hard on students who are struggling with financial aid. They expect students who need money for college to have good credit or their parents to have good credit. Most of the time, families who need loan money do not have the best credit and will have a hard time getting any loan money. The loan companies need to be more lenient on students who need financial aid for college. Soon a majority of the students who graduate high school will not be able to attend college, not because of grades, but because of the amount of tuition for college. It seems to get higher every year. The other issue with loans is that they are sometimes hard to find. Besides banks, most students would have a hard time finding loan companies that would not rip them off. If loans were easier to receive, then students could go to college to receive better pay once they have graduated. If one were to get a job right out of high school instead of getting a college degree, they would receive minimum wage.

Most students do not worry about where they are going or if they will even get into college until their senior year in high school. So, most students do not think about the financial aid that they need until the last few weeks are just around the corner. Students need to be more proactive and go to their financial aid counselors to discuss their options. Students should also be trying their best in school to get the best grades possible. By doing this, it will help them have a better chance for receiving scholarships and getting into the college they want. Students need to study and be prepared for their SAT’s and ACT’s. This will open up so many opportunities for any high school student.

Students need an easier way to find and receive financial aid. Financial Aid counselors need to find a way to help all students planning on attending college. The loan companies need to be less strict on who receives a loan and who does not. No one should be left out of an education, especially if they want it bad enough.