This I Believe

Ryan - Bowling Green, Ohio
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe… that everyone should learn to get along with one another. The world we live in now is overly consumed by fighting, war, and hatred for one another. We are the only species on this planet that kill our own for no particular reason. If we all just learned to love one another and get along, we could solve so many problems the world faces today. Problems such as war

War has always happened; ever since the beginning of mankind we have fought over petty differences. Differences over food, land, civil disputes, race, sexual preferences, etc. Mankind fights over many different issues that could simply be solved over talking and actually learn to get along with that person your fighting with. War kills innocent people, ravages and destroys people’s land and belongings, and costs billions of dollars that could be used to help society itself be better. As the saying goes, “Make love, not war.”

Discrimination is a word that shouldn’t even be known in this country. The United States has the most diverse country in terms of race, but yet we still put each other down just because the color of one another’s skin, whether we are male or female, religion, or sexual preference. The United States has the most unique group of people living here. They are fun, loving, exciting people to live with similar and at the same time different beliefs. Kids in school form groups just to fit in and use power by number to put the other group down. It doesn’t matter if your emo or whatever other “clique” you are in. Everyone is still human and similar in many ways then some people want to take time to learn. We perform hate crimes, and kill our own kind for a little money. There are groups like the KKK who kill everyone who isn’t white. When is enough actually enough to think that no matter who that person is, they are just like us.

Sooner or later, if mankind can’t co-exist with one another and get along with everyone in general, we will be our own destruction. If we took the time to be happy with one another, the world would be a better place, a peaceful happy place to live. No matter whom you are and what background you are from, even the biggest disagreements can be worked out with the power of speaking. Work things out by talking, not fighting and killing one another. So ask yourself, how much blood needs to be spilt, how much pain needs to be felt before society as whole finally realizes we are nothing but savages fending for ourselves.