This I Believe

Christina - Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: environment

I visited the tropical country of Thailand this past summer. I was happy to be there, as I had countless relatives. However, as I looked around me I was somewhat saddened. My niece had to use an inhaler to breathe. The poor air quality forced her to have breathing difficulties. I also noticed that as my uncle herded cattle, he was forced to wear a face mask to reduce toxic dust inhalation. However, this problem is not only happening to my family members. It is a plight that is popping up all over the world. With these unfortunate predicaments that were occurring, I felt that environmental quality must improve.

I believe that world powers, such as the United States of America and Great Britain, should assist their nations as well as others in achieving this goal. They have the monetary resources to begin this worthy, yet expensive, endeavor. As economical and leaders of the free world, this may cause a positive reaction with other nations. Others may wish to follow suit and help decrease poor environmental output on nature.

Surely, resources have been invented that helps us dramatically improve environmental quality. Wonderful examples of this are wind turbines that have the power to provide energy to thousands of residents in windy areas. As a recent addition to Bowling Green, Ohio, I discovered these large, yet unobtrusive devices to be an effective means of lessening electricity needs. By using those devices, the town has lessened its negative environmental impact on the planet.

A more practical way to ease human impact on the globe would be to lessen dependency on technological devices such as motor vehicles. I am guilty of this, myself. My father owns four cars, when in actuality, we only need two.

Also, as an admirer of nature, I feel that we should protect the rain forest. An old statistic once said that hundreds of animals become extinct each day because of the exploitation of this natural beauty. In my mind, this is a major loss. Trees create breathable air and the animals that are slaughtered could help cure countless diseases.

From an outward perspective, it seems like a difficult task to ensue. However, I believe that with the help of all people, it will become a manageable endeavor. We can make this world an easier place to both live and breathe.