This I Believe

Brandon - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that a college education is an essential element to success according to today’s standards. A half century ago this was not the norm. An individual could be successful without owning a degree from a large, prestigious university. However with a significant increase in technology, and more of a need for specialized skills and talents, education now seems to be a requirement. This need for education is supported by looking at the difference between the average starting salaries of high school graduates and college graduates. High school graduates earn approximately $30,000 annually at their first job, whereas college graduates earn around $53,000. In time, this difference becomes even larger as college graduates earn promotions and move to higher levels of management. The differences in pay allow a college graduate to live a far more luxurious lifestyle than an individual who does not have such education.

Many companies recruit on college campuses in an attempt to find new employees straight out of college. This is not done at high schools. College campuses set up activities to help their student’s network with companies. Ultimately this allows college students to establish contacts with larger firms and interview for open positions. Many employers come to campus to interview potential candidates or to meet students at career fairs. This is an invaluable tool that colleges offer students in order to help them live successful lifestyles in their futures.

I can personally relate to these findings. This past summer I was able to intern with Sears Holdings Corporation, a large Fortune 500 company. Without the help of Syracuse University this would not have been possible. After meeting a representative from Sears at the career fair I was able to set up an on campus interview in the following days. After successfully passing through the preliminary interview I was then asked to fly to the company headquarters in Chicago. Here I met with more company representatives and was asked to conduct several other interviews. Finally after these interviews were complete I was told that I would be offered an internship in Los Angeles in logistics management. Certainly I would not have ever been considered for this position if I had not attended Syracuse University.

It has been my goal since entering college to find a job that would allow me to live somewhere along the West Coast. By gaining a degree from Syracuse University I will be able to achieve this goal. Without attending Syracuse there is no way that I would have ever been able to network with large companies such as Sears Holdings. This is why I believe that a college education is now a key factor to a person’s future success.