This I Believe

Michelle - Syracuse, New York
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you make your own luck. People believe luck to be that which is beyond a person’s control, however I feel as though this could not be further from the truth. I was taught that your fate is in your own hands- it will come to you if you believe that it will.

Ever since I was a young girl, my mother has always instilled in me many lessons which I still hold onto today, one of them being that a woman makes her own luck. Growing up, I didn’t always think this was true, but as years proceeded and I became more academically and socially inclined, the light of this statement was becoming more apparent. I discovered that in classes that I enjoyed and enjoyed doing the work for I excelled despite “unluckily” ending up with the hardest teacher, as well as learning that if I actually followed the speed limit instead of blaming it on the whole “wrong place, wrong time… bad luck” notion then I wouldn’t have a 200 dollar ticket to pay off. It seems to me that people mistake luck for chance. Chance is the slim-to-none odds that you will win the lottery, because we have absolutely no control over the situation preceding the purchase of a ticket. In other words, these are situations out of our control. Luck is a mindset.

My mother’s theory is that you make your own luck because even in failure we can be lucky. It is the mistakes and failures that shape who we are as people and determine our futures, whether for worse or better. Luck is dependent on being positive. Instead of swearing and ranting about how it is “just my luck” after getting a ticket, I should be accepting it and learning from my mistake, and instead of resorting to not studying for a class because I ended up with the teacher whose class I “could never get a good grade in,” I should work hard and know that my best is all I can do. There are no roads that lead to dead ends unless you construct them yourself. Every path that you get derailed from spills out on to another. Even if you find yourself on a cobblestone walkway, tumbling from above on a smooth dirt road… change your shoes! Everyone is wayward. No one is perfect and that in its self is perfect, even though at times it can be perfect hell. I suppose it is only the optimist that approaches life with an “everything happens for a reason” mantra. As long as you keep moving, and possibly following street signs, you’ll wind up on the path you started on, or perhaps one that is better suited for you. But you can’t be lucky if you never do anything at all. I’m in control of my own fate, my own luck, and I go after the goals I set before me. I have my mother to thank for being such a positive example in this regard, and it is pure luck that I have someone like her in my life.