This I Believe

Trevor - Indianola, Iowa
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the structure of time.

At the ripe young age of eight, I had a problem, I was obsessed with time. Maybe it was not so much an obsession as it was an anxiety I had of always being late. No matter what time I needed to be somewhere I was always worried. Worried that maybe I misunderstood when I was told to be somewhere, worried that maybe the time I was given was written down wrong, worried that maybe I would be the last one to arrive wherever it was I needed to be.

I was so anxious about time that I attended sessions with a psychiatrist to discuss what I was so worried about. I don’t know how many third graders wear watches but of the very few that do, you could put me in that category.

I can distinctly remember a time before I went to a Cub Scout meeting breaking down into tears not knowing if I would be late. I was so anxious I had to talk to my psychiatrist on the phone. My parents knew, my psychiatrist knew, everyone knew I wouldn’t be late. The only one who was worried was me and it was still an hour before the meeting.

Through and through, I got over my anxiety of time, quit having to wear a watch, and ended my sessions with my psychiatrist. I have learned so much from time.

Time is with us even when we have no watch or clock, time will be there when we get married, when we bring a child into the world, even when we take our last breath.

Time is everywhere.

I have gone through many hard times because of the anxiety I had as a child but it has also left me something. Time has made me prepared, responsible and even late.

I believe in the structure of time.