Role Models

Frank - Detroit, Michigan
Entered on September 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

In this day and age when role models are needed for young people like never before, I feel that a good place to look would be towards professional athletes. I am tempted to recant this statement when I view the actions of many sports stars that are sullying the reputation of pro sports.

I would like to speak on one of the, if not biggest names in professional football… Michael Vick. He is one of the most prolific athletes I have ever had the pleasure of watching play, and is quite possibly about to go to federal prison for conspiracy and dog fighting charges. Not only is dog fighting wrong on general principle but it is phenomenally stupid for him to have his name connected to it in any way shape or form. Not only will this man have a federal criminal record but he will be removed from professional football for at least two years.

People who use performance enhancing drugs ruin themselves and their sport when they take that action. This is why it hurts my heart that possibly the greatest feat in sports history will always have an asterisk by the holder’s name. I am speaking of course about Barry Bonds breaking of Hank Aaron’s home run record. While I respect him for being able to make contact with a ball, but who knows what he would have done without the drugs. Maybe he wouldn’t have gotten this far but who wants a record that will always be tainted?

These men and others like them make me want to hang my head sometimes, but they do not reflect on all pro athletes. I still feel that pro athletes can be fantastic role models. I just pray that a few bad apples don’t ruin the bunch.