This I Believe

Emily - Indianola, Iowa
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe the Randomness of my Life Means Something.

I believe in God.

I believe that just because I sometimes can’t control my feelings doesn’t mean I’m crazy. I believe the homeless man has dreams just like I do.

I believe I have a plan in life that God only knows. My life is the path I am taking to figure out this plan.

I believe that just because I eat a lot of food doesn’t make me fat.

I believe my family will stand behind me at all times.

I believe that hairspray makes my hair not greasy.

I believe in the saying “Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.”

I believe the love I feel right now will last forever.

I believe I am impatient because I know what I want.

I believe the scar I have on my lip is a beauty mark, not an imperfection.

I believe I don’t need to know how to spell because of spell check.

I believe perfection is not always a fault.

I believe I can make a difference in the world – even if it is in one person’s life.

I believe in second chances, even though I give too many.

I believe in middle school when I made fun of Suzie, I was covering up my fear of being the ‘weird girl.’

I believe there is a song for each of my feelings.

I believe you can have a passion for more than one thing.

I believe in myself.

I believe I can sing just as well as Carrie Underwood when I am in the car by myself.

I believe I am good at covering up my fears.

I believe my shortcomings are lessons in life.

I believe my faults have helped make me who I am.

I believe every child should feel loved, just as I was.

I believe candy should be its own food group.

I believe my freckles are kisses from God.

I believe everyone has their own story to tell. We just need time to hear them all.

I believe the world is too unselfish.

I believe that just because I don’t have one belief, doesn’t mean mine aren’t all true.

I believe that even if all of these are proven wrong, I know one will always be true … the one that says I believe in myself.