I Believe in Sports

Robert - Kirkwood, Missouri
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Sports have been going on for over a century and I think that its impact has been significant. I believe kids should get involved as soon as possible and should be encouraged thru high school and even for adults. Whether it’s going outside with your dad and playing catch or getting down and dirty on the gridiron and toss the pig skin around, everyone should participate in sports.

Sports have impacted many people and if it wasn’t for it who knows what the world would be. Would it be dominated by modern technology, or pigging out in front of the television? I am almost certain that the average weight of people would be significantly higher if sports did not exist. It has promoted people getting outside and being active, which is key to staying healthy.

Another vital factor of sports is that it’s a way to meet new people for people of all ages. You could be in elementary school and play for your parish and meet kids that live in your area. On the other hand, you could be a dad or mom looking to play in an adult softball league. In either case you’re enjoying yourself and getting to know people in your community and staying active.

Lastly, there are the few that excel at these sports and are able to make money off of it as professional athletes. For these kids that are out there playing that certain sport they look up to these professionals. They want to be where they are in 10 years. Most of these athletes are very true gentlemen and in most cases present themselves well. Now with the media thou, they are portraying these athletes that have abused their God given talent which they have also worked on to become the most they can be. While the media is putting down those certain athletes, the spotlight is being taken off the athletes that are stopping by hospitals and visiting the sick. Instead we will hear all about Michael Vick and dog fighting or like before the Ron Artest fight. The media needs to go back to the true athletes that can take the role of role model because that comes with the job.

In conclusion, I believe sports should be influenced upon kids, athletic or not because it is a way to stay healthy, a way to meet new people, and because it creates role models. If we can get the next generation of kids off the couch and onto the field then we will have something to look forward too.