This I believe: I believe that women can change our world!

Sandhya - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: change, equality

I believe that it is time for a change. I am sick of hearing the same problems and the same old excuses that engulf our world. Terrorism, poverty, corruption, to name a few. I believe that it is time for a change of leadership and style, a time to let women come to the front everywhere in the world. Let women get a chance at changing this world into a peaceful place again. I believe that there is one thing that binds all women; they know the power of love. Love, which has become a rare commodity in this world full of terror. Love which can conquer all differences, love that knows no boundaries, faith, or culture.

Rich or poor; single or married; working at home or outside of home; women love, care, and stay strong even in the face of adversity. I believe that women have the capability to save our beautiful planet which is being destroyed by hatred based on religion, money, color, and creed everywhere. They care for their children, husbands, friends, mothers, fathers, neighbors, pets, clients, and whoever crosses their paths; and no matter which role they take, whether it is that of a mother, a teacher, an administrator, a physician, or any other, they do it very well.

Imagine a world with no terror, no boundaries, and a truly global world! It is a dream which can come true if we let women run the governments all over the world; the mother in them would make sure that all children have food and water, the teacher in them would make sure that all children have education, the physician in them would make sure that all human beings get access to primary health care; and the tough administrator would make sure that no one is abusing the funds meant for the poor people in this world. Women can do it, they go through the excruciating physical pain of child birth, and the emotional pain of being rejected by the men in their lives, the pain of being hurt by their own friends and children, and they are tough. If we let women govern, we will have healthy, educated children with equal opportunities, and no discrimination. There will be no hatred, wars, or terrorism, and the world will be a peaceful place.

I risk being called a staunch feminist by my friends and family. However, I argue that women know how to work hard, whether in an affluent society such as the United States, or a poor woman working in a village in India, and they work with passion against all opposition, they care, and they love what they do. They hold their families together in tough times. Maybe a few decades if not a century of changing these roles will give a new breath of life to this deteriorating state of our world. Or maybe not! But for now, and at least once, women deserve a true chance.