This I Believe

Jeremy - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of family? Individuals often live complicated lives and must deal with the harsh aspects of life. Whether it is a hard day at work, or dealing with the loss of a family member, people need someone to be there for them. Many challenging obstacles emerge throughout life, but the one thing that will always be there during these rough times is family.

I have developed a strong appreciation for family because of my personal experiences. About a month ago, school started and I was originally signed up for many advanced placement and dual enrollment classes. After the first day of school, I quickly realized that my course load was much too challenging. I went home that night and was able to talk to my mom about this burden. With her help, I came up with a plan to lighten my schedule. It really helped to have someone there to share my thoughts and feelings with. My family is the cornerstone of my life. It is a good feeling to know I have people in my life that will always care about me no matter what. There will always be someone to share the burdens of life with.

Every holiday of the year is enjoyed with my family. Thanksgiving is the best time of year because my cousins come all the way from Colorado to visit. Together we make the holiday a unique and memorable event. These are the times in our lives that we cherish. Memories such as these can only be made with those we care most about, family. Thinking back to some of the significant times in my life, I remember one in particular. Two years ago, I was confirmed in the Catholic Church. This was a remarkable event for me because of the amount of faith incorporated in my life. My immediate family members are Catholic, however my entire dad’s side of the family is not. On the night of my Confirmation, I was expecting to see only my Catholic family members. However, I was thrilled to see that all of my family, including my dad’s side, showed up to mass. I then realized that my family, no matter the circumstances, would be there to support me. Family has had the biggest influence in my life and has shaped me into the person I am today.

Without family, what would I have in life? When I eventually grow old one day, I will be a happy man remembering all of the memories with my family. My family is where I came from, and no matter who I become in life, I will never forget that. I can face the journey of life with confidence because I know my family will be there every step of the way; there truly is no greater reassurance in life.