This I Believe

Joseph - Vestal, New York
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that above all else in friendship, loyalty is the most important thing. Throughout one life one may make many acquaintances they spend time with or share laughs with, however for me true friendship is decided by loyalty. Loyalty is described as being faithful to cause, ideal or institution. In friendship, being loyal is shown many different ways. I believe that true friends do not leave one another in bind, they do not leave each other behind when one finds a girl at the bar and they other does not, they do not let each other look stupid in public, and they certainly never disagree with each other if one friend is in an argument with someone else.

I believe that friendship is just a derivative of family. and family is where loyalty all begins. Friends are your family away from your blood family. They are there for you when no one else is, or if you ever need advice or guidance about something. Many core values of family are used by true friends: loyalty, honesty and the will to do anything for one another.

My father first taught me about loyalty by watching Old Italian movies; showing me how to pay respect to my elders, how to love my family, and how to be true to my friends. I can remember watching The Godfather, a great American classic of a movie, when my father interrupted the ending of the movie after Michael Corleone kills his enemies, he said “Joey, that is what happens when you betray your friends.” To this day I can still remember how serious he was when he leaned over his recliner and spoke those words.

I thank god everyday that I have been blessed with friends like this. I go to these same people every time I find myself in a jam, feeling a little down, or just need to have some plain old fun. One instance in high school when I found myself in a jam was when I was caught driving my car during lunch hours, which was non-permissible. Knowing that if I was caught by the administration for this I would be suspended from school, my friend Barrett took the blame for driving my car, without ever asking me for something back, or saying I ‘owe’ him one. True friends are loyal to each other not to get something back out of the friendship, but because they are for each other, and would do anything for the other person.

I believe that above all else, true friends walk together, not in a line one behind the other, but together, through life, at the same pace. No man should have to walk this world alone. Friends take obstacles on together, shredding their fear of the unknown together, knowing that if something goes wrong, your friend will be there to bail you out of any situation, no matter how sticky it gets. True friends, place each other above all else.