This I Believe

Britni - syracuse, New York
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I believe that music is a great way to express oneself. Most musicians express their feelings, for instance, anger, pain, happiness, and mostly life stories through the art of music. I have many music oriented people in my life. My uncle and brother both played the guitar and wrote their own lyrics. My uncle’s music was more heavy metal where he expressed his aggression through dark music. He was inspired by his older brother who came down with the measles at a young age. Back then they didn’t have a vaccine and it left him mentally ill. Having to bury his brother at a young age really affected his lifestyle.

Although my uncle made heavy metal music, my brother played two different genres. One genre was rock, which he played on his electric guitar. Listening to him play was what really got me into music because I have always idolized him. He also has a passion for rap and writes his own lyrics. It touches me to hear him rap about life and growing up. He describes what he went through during the process of finding himself. His lyrics touch me, in that; he never talked to me about his life or anything. When he rapped to me, I felt as if we were bonding. He described his life through the art of music.

Whenever I need to relax and get away from everything I go into my room and listen to my ipod. When I am at home and my parents fight, it puts me in a bad mood. Music always makes me feel better about myself and I know that I can relate to people. It makes me appreciate life more because there are many other people who have it worse than I do. When I am down music always cheers me up, whether it is rock, classical rock, rap, hip hop or R&B.

Not only when I am down do I listen to music, but also when I am in a great mood. I love to blast my music while I get ready to go out. It is fun to dance and sing along as well. I believe that the lyrics are portraying a message to all their listeners and I have a lot of respect for all different types of music. Artists put their heart and soul into their music. Everyone can relate to that one certain song that they live by or even an artist that they look up to.