This I Believe

Alex - Miami, Florida
Entered on September 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Good Things Come to Those Who Are True to Themselves

As a child growing up in Miami, Florida, I was very social, I was always hanging out with friends on the weekends, I could talk to just about anyone then puberty hit and I was no longer on the top of my social game. I got accused a lot of being a so called “loser” or “pussy” and it was very tough to live with because I would often go home and cry my self to sleep because I would be by myself all the time. Often I would try to get together with my friends of the past and they wouldn’t want anything to do with me, sometimes its because I had glasses and braces and was not always the best at taking a joke. I would have a lot of jokes played on me or they would tell me “yea of course we can hang out this weekend” and then never pick up my phone calls.

Unfortunately, High School was no different for me I spent most of the weekends of my high school life alone and sad and eventually I just stopped trying because I knew that I would get ignored anyways.

Later down the road I would eventually get out of the funk that was my life for about 3 years. I went away to a summer program for high school students at a major university in upstate New York. Where I would make friends with a bunch of girls who helped me get out of my social shell. They really taught me a lot about girls and why they are the way they are. I dropped my glasses and I got my ear pierced, and my attitude just became more positive.

I would later return to Florida for my senior year of high school, although I was not exactly sure what to expect. I thought I had my new outlook on life, new attitude and new look. Well unfortunately it was more of the same because as soon as I returned home, it was back to the rejection that was my life. I may have looked different but I was still viewed as the same old person. So once again I went into a slight depression mode.

I became a little more social as the year went along but I was still in the funk that had plagued me all of my adolescent life. It wouldn’t be until I got to college that I would actually realize that it never had anything to do with me. IT WAS THEM! As soon as I arrived at college; I made a core group of friends whom eventually became a network of friends. I still stop and think to my self, what would have happened if I didn’t go to college where I do, how would my life be different? Because I am living my life the same way I did before, but now I have friends to enjoy it with.

To everyone out there who feels like they are not good enough to run with the “it” crowd, take some time and think about it, really think about what the “it” crowd really is. The most popular group is what you make it. You decide your destiny, live life the way you want it, it ends up being more fun that way.