This I Believe

Samantha - syracuse, New York
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe that exercising can better the wellness of a person. A physical workout allows the release of tension while increasing stamina and heart rate. During any physical workout emotions are also exhausted. Personally, my emotions say to my body, I don’t like this about you, pay attention to me. Those voices heard are how I judge what machines I will use at the gym. Other popular and more social forms of exercise can be outdoor activities or indoor activities. Examples of activities that are substitute from the normal individualized gym routine include: beach and park games, videos, classes, pick up games and organized sports.

After completing four dance and physical education classes here at school, I gained an education and perspective of how a bit of exercise can really change a person’s body language and frame of mind. A message that has stuck with me throughout these classes is what we are taught in the beginning of every semester, the aim. For these classes, the aim is always to increase flexibility. The teacher, who was the same every time, asked why we were taking this class, and more often than not, the reason was self-defense or weight loss.

Because each class was always filled to capacity, people were always stuck in the back corner. Oddly, this was an interesting viewpoint. By being invisible you see people better. It is those who are timid and unfortunately placed at center stage, become those who really get into an activity. This shows that they are growing emotionally by their willingness to show others how they too are more than they appear.

Therefore I believe that exercising betters the wellness of a person. Be it alone, or in the company of many other people, the ability to have a healthy release is always a healthy choice and a good decision. I believe that having the courage to try new activities is an exciting adventure that should always be used.