This I Believe

Taylor - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in transformation. Every little thing we do, whether it be thoughts, feelings, or actions, they turn into something big: our life. Everything builds up and creates who we are. We can transform other’s thoughts into our own or come up with original ones. The thoughts we posses transform into words which slowly transforms into our character.

When we make a mistake, the main thought going through our head is: “I wish I didn’t do that.” Simple enough, the thought can run through our mind more often than we would like to admit to. That mistake can transform, however, into truth. The truth is what we learn, even if it can take a few tries to discover.

A close friendship building over time can transform into something envied by so many people: love. The love can range. Love can be a form of being loyal and never being one who turns to betrayal during a brutal period in your life. Love is, of course, also a strong bond between two people who are better known as soul mates. The love can even go further and transform into pure passion; passion of caring for them, a passion of seeing them, a passion of want and need. Not only do you want to spend the rest of your life with them, but you need to.

A question I believe everyone asks themselves or wonders about frequently is: who will we become? This question can refer to our individual self, or our generation. Our enviroment around us can change who we are, for example the people we hang out with. Their personality can mix with another friend’s and result in a transformation into our own personality. There are millions of components capable of affecting who we are. We are characters of a real life movie. Our character determines who we will be for the rest of our life, there for transforming our fate into what we want it to be.